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Will Denmark be the first country in the world to become 100% organic?


The Danish government has released an action plan to the world which publicly states that their whole country is planning to Go Organic!  They are promoting it as the next big step forward and have released an official document on the topic.

Click here to read more about Økologiplan Denmark (It’s in English).

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Here is what Robert from has to say on the Matter

Recently, the Danish government has publicly announced its plans to convert the country’s entire agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. If this happens, Denmark will become the first 100% organic country in the world.

Although Denmark is already one of the leading countries when it comes to producing and exporting of organic products, the government still decided to set an even bigger challenge. In order to make Denmark a 100% organic country, the government managed to raise 53 million euros just in 2015. For many people around the world, this may be one the most ambitious plans of the 21st century. But, if we take into account the fact that Denmark has already proven its love for organic produce, this does seem to be an achievable goal.

This Scandinavian country has a bigger tradition in the production of organic food than most countries in the world. For example, Denmark’s national organic brand celebrates 25 years in business, which makes it one of the oldest organic brands in the entire world. Moreover, since 2007, the export of organic produce has increased by a whopping 200 percent.

Bilibob from has this to say:

Denmark is streaks of other nations in terms of producing organic food. The nationwide organic brand name of Denmark will be commemorating 25 years in business, making it one of the oldest organic brands in the world. The outcome is that organic exports have actually increased by a whopping 200% since 2007.
The federal government has 2 primary angles of implementation: one is to turn traditional farmland into natural, while the other is to promote increased need for organic products.
The aim is to double the farming land cultivated with natural approaches by 2020 (compared to 2007), as the 67-point document explains, drafted by Økologiplan Danmark, the Organic Action Plan for Denmark.
Not only will land belonging to the federal government be cultivated using natural and biodynamic techniques, the federal government will support and fund those working and investing in this sector, to establish brand-new technologies and concepts that help promote growth. And we’re not simply talking about fruits and vegetables, however also livestock– especially pigs. has a similar story click to read theirs.

One of their first targets is to have 60% organic food served to the public.  This means that Schools, Hospitals, and non privatised cafeterias all have to take part.

To have such a drive from the government and have all these institutions following along really shows the commitment of Denmark to their organic targets.  It seems they really want to lead the world by example.  It will be interesting to see how many other countries bite the bullet now that one country is blazing the trail.

On the bright side here is video of the Dancing Cows, where after 6 months inside a stable the organically fed cows are released to enjoy fresh grass again.  It attracts thousands of people every year!


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