Get Your Chickens to Do Your Gardening with Chicken Tunnels

ChookTunnelSystem - Gardening with Chickens

Why Chickens?

Have you have ever been tired of digging up your garden tilling the soil, removing bugs and weeds, and mulching? Then this idea using chickens might just be the solution for you.  I personally think it is an awesome one, and his results are certainly the proof of the pudding.

What has Bruce Done?

Bruce Morgan from Australia has designed a way for involving his chickens in gardening around the house.  It uses a series of wire mesh tunnels which funnel the chickens to wherever he wants them to be.  Typically the chickens will peck, scratch, aerate the soil, and at the same time leave rich droppings which they work into the bed they are feeding.

Inside The Chok Tunnel

They also do a wonderful job removing grasshoppers and other pests as they work, which saves an enormous amount of time for the owner.  They can handle just about any type of soil…and rough country.   He says that they can knock over a patch of grass and get it ready for planting in 7-10 days.. What a great way to feed the chickens, and utilise nature to work for you.  (Of course you would also benefit from the eggs!)

“I believe there is no point having chooks unless you make them work for a living.

The system he has at home, is movable.  He can open and close small gates to ensure that the chickens don’t escape, and go to just the right place.  After he has harvested and finished with a bed, he simply puts his choke tunnel over the area and leaves it for a few days then replants.. Couldn’t be easier than that.

Chook Tunnel Gates

One comment from someone who viewed the video Said

Dad used to get chicken manure in huge quantities from a local farm & spread it inches thick over the entire garden.  It was too 'hot' until it had all been tilled & mixed and had mellowed for a week or more. Anything touched by it burned. If you move the chickens around [tractor, tunnels] they spread the fertilizer all over AND till it in for you as they go.  This allows the heavy dose of nitrogen to bond with the comparatively plentiful dirt and brown compostable matter present & turns the powerful 'instant' fertilizer into a much milder extended release formula.

Cheers to that!  Where i am living I can’t have chickens right now.. but  and keen to share this with anyone who can keep them and will certainly consider doing the same when I can have chickens in my backyard!

Make sure to take a look at the video below, and share this article with all your friends if you know they’ll like it!!

Also if you are just wanting to set up your own Chicken Coop, and learn more about these amazing creatures, then you can take a look here..


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