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Eliminate These Pests: Aphids Whiteflies, Mealy bugs, Insects Organically

Eliminate these pests – Aphids, White Flies, and Mealy Bugs

Have you ever wanted to get eliminate pests naturally?  Well, unfortunately, there is always some work involved, and it is not just as simple as dosing the plant with some pest poison!  We are Organic Remember! You will find at least a few options that you can try.  Remember that one of the most important things is to get in early before the annoying critters have a chance to reproduce, and learn from your mistakes.

Here are those, tips on how to eliminate some annoying pests from your Garden.  Aphids, White Flies, and Mealy Bugs,  suck the sap out of the plant affecting its’ look, as well as reducing yield. The Plants succumb suffer from stunted growth, leaf yellowing, possibly disease and become weak.


White Flies

White Flies and aphids – Secrete Honeydew, so plants might be sticky and covered in a sooty mold.  They mulitply fast, and can transmit plant viruses.  Make sure to try to control them before reproduction starts, as they breed quickly.  

They commonly affect: Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Eggplant, Ochre, Hibiscus, Cabbage, and many more.



Mealy Bugs

Top Tips

  1. Pressure Wash – Start by washing them off with your garden hose.
  2. Use some diluted dishwashing detergent and spray them on the leaves (Not during the hot part of the day)
  3. Neem Oil – A natural insecticide commonly use in Organic Gardening
  4. Natural Predators. (Lady bugs, spiders, lacewing larva, and others – Check with your source)
  5. Traps (Sticky fly traps etc..  Make your own – or Bought)
  6. Hand Vacuum if necessary.  – Make sure to do so gently so as not to damage the plants.

Please be sure to check out the Video Below to check it out.


If you have any ways of dealing with pests in your garden, be sure to share them with us here!

Thankyou to Kitchen Gardening from Youtube

Natural Ways To Protect Your Garden From Pests

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