How to Make a Vertical Organic Garden


Make a Vertical Organic Garden


It’s undeniable that more and more people now seek access to fresh organic fruits and veggies. No wonder, a lot of new and more ingenious solutions have started to pop up; thus, allowing many gardeners without much land and those from the urban areas to still grow a ton of organic produce.


Step by Step Guide in Building Your Vertical Garden


There are a number of DIY vertical garden ideas you can choose from, of course, depending on your own gardening requirements. One of these is the pyramid shaped tripod vertical garden idea from Here’s how you can build one in your patio, backyard, or even on the rooftop garden:


  • Prepare the following basic materials: steel/timber poles, weed fabric, bamboo canes, wires, and some strong strings like cable ties/baler twines.
  • Cut the three steel/timber posts to the same length (about 7ft to 8 ft).
  • Create a tripod with identical sides and then tie all posts together at the top using a strong wire.
  • Use bamboo canes or other sturdy sticks to make something like a trellis. This is for the purpose of holding the weed fabric in place later on.
  • Wrap the tower using a strong weed fabric. Sow this onto the canes/sticks with the string; just start at the bottom and then go half way up with the fabric.
  • Fill the tower with a mixture of soil and good compost, and then water it down in between.
  • Continue on sowing on the weed fabric. Fill the tripod up to the top with more soil mixture. Remember to water it down again to avoid a lot of settling afterward.
  • Cut an opening into the fabric like an upside down T and then gently insert your plant’s root ball.
  • Firm the soil around the plant’s roots and water it in.


Additional tips:


For this type of organic vertical garden, it is best to have your plants started in small pots already. You can either buy seedlings from your local garden centre or germinate them yourself. Water the tower from the top as well as from the sides through the holes you have made for your organic crops, and feed your plants by adding some organic fertilizer or compost onto the top. Ensure that you have adequate room around this vertical garden for watering as well as picking your organic vegetables. Note that some of the plants you can grow successfully in this type of garden are as follows: trailing tomatoes, oarsley, basil, kale, loose leaf cabbage, celery, peppers, and a lot more.


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